Fitness Calendar

I went to bed in my work out clothes, and guess what!? I ran four good/strong miles this morning! Today I felt myself getting stronger and faster. It helped to sing out loud, and apparently I thought a lot about the healthy/fitness journey I have taken, and am going to take.

Last night I had sushi for dinner, I didn’t regret it because I had a date night with the husband, no kids, and I figured, this will be one of my “treat” not “cheat” meals. To burn off some of the calories that we’ve eaten, we decided to go to Trader’s Joes to buy some healthy ingredients.

I also made Sweet Potato Protein Cookies last night, they are delicious, I think I’m going to incorporate them to part of my healthy eating routine. I had two for breakfast today. I also only put my Fitmiss Delight Chocolate protein powder in my coffee today, yay for no sugars!

I also started a new Fitness/Weight Loss/Healthy Transformation Calendar/Schedule. I still have to place the 3-month transformation calendar up in the house, so I have more reminders to motivate me through this journey.

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