Healthy snack!?

Yesterday, I ran four miles, and in the evening did Hot Vinyasa. This morning, I WANTED to go run, but didn’t feel like getting out of bed. I weighed myself this morning, and was satisfied, 105.5 pounds. My goals have changed, my first goal was to get to 115, then 110, then 104. One day prior to this journaling, I had hit 104.4, but that only lasted a day or two.

So now, I am tracking at 105-107, depending on the day, you know that is. My new goal, I think will be to maintain 105, it WOULD be nice to see if I can strive for 102, but I’m just going to continue to eat clean, eliminate sugars and salts, and fit whatever exercise I can.

I didn’t eat horribly yesterday, but I did buy a back of Ranch Rice Chips. This will be the ultimate last time I will purchase this, because I just eat way too much on one sitting; I have no self-control when it comes to these things, so… I’m not going to purchase them ever again, I don’t NEED it.

Today I should receive my PiYo DVD in the mail. The plan is to work out to that DVD tonight, so that will count as my strength training for the week.

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