Let’s eat cake!

I finally got a two-mile run in this morning; easier this morning, because I’m working from home today. I haven’t worked out since I last mentioned I worked out, and this morning’s run was DIFFICULT! I must have a lot of emotional stress, because I felt like crying during my run. Must be all the stress! I had a longer run in mind, but I only covered two miles, half of it I spent speed walking.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet tried the PiYo DVD, hopefully tonight I can make an effort.

This weekend though! I fell, and I fell HARD. It was my child’s 3rd birthday party, and I ate HORRIBLY. One thing led to another, which led to another, which led to more cake.

Eventually I threw the cake away, and separated all the junk food to “donate” to my work. I really need to cleanse the house of food that I SHOULDN’T eat, if I want to cleanse my body. I noticed too, that when I eat junk, it really does show on my skin. I have two zits as “rewards” of my unhealthy eating. This week will be better!

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