Why am I so exhausted, that I can’t wake up early in the mornings to get my run in!? Next week is going to be rough, school is going to start for the boys, so I’m going to find some sort of routine.

I did better foodwise yesterday, and I’m proud, the scale proved it, 106.8 lbs. I know I shouldn’t focus on the numbers on the scale, but because of lack of exercise lately, I want to make sure my weight is not going through the roof. I made healthy decisions 90% of the time yesterday in everything that I ate.

I didn’t get to do the PiYo DVD last night, but I did run around (fast) in the backyard with Mocha, our 10.5 week old puppy (3/4 Chocolate Lab, ¼ Weimaranar). It was a decent small workout, I did work up a little sweat. I can so tell he’s going to love running. At one point though, he got tired, and just sat down. I’m thinking it’s because he’s still a puppy, and he finds no excitement in running back and forth, I can tell he wants to run long distances, I can’t wait!

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